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Private Consultations

Psychic Maria Papapetros Private Consultations

Private Consultations

Maria Papapetros is not a fatalist and therefore believes that not everything in life is predestined.
Her philosophy is that God does have an agenda and a plan for all of us, with free will and choice attached to it.
There is unlimited source of God power within all of us.
Once tapped and realized, it can help us find the choices we have to the paths of our life’s purpose.
We do have alternatives.

Maria is an advocate of positive thinking and the power of the word and thought.

“Words and thoughts create, choose the best ones.
You possess the power it takes to help create your reality, believe and observe miracles materialize in your life.

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New York 212-935-4441
Houston   281-343-0500
Athens 30.219.728.7311

Houston, Texas
June 21st - July 30th, 2024

Please call us if you have any questions 212-935-4441

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45 min session

  • Skype/FaceTime/Phone/In-Person
  • 45 min reading with Maria 

  • Maria will Guide the session


30 min session

  • Skype/FaceTime/Phone/In-Person
  • 30 min reading with Maria 
  • Direct Questions
  • You Guide The Session


15 min session

  • Phone Only
  • 15 min follow up or short phone reading with Maria.
  • Direct Questions 
  • You Guide The Session
Guided Meditation


Personalized Meditation

  • Skype/FaceTime/Phone/In-Person
  • Tailored to fit your Lifestyle Goals.
  • Guided meditation by Maria

Appointments Must be Canceled 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time
for a full refund or a fee of $175.00 is charged