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Vanessa Williams

Vanessa has been a wonderful friend over the last 25 years and it has been a pleasure knowing her. She is a beautiful talented Woman and I encourage anyone to follow her on Social Media and any new Projects she is working on.

Here are some links to her

Vanessa WIlliams

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly has been a dear friend to me for over 20 years. She is a wonderful actress and friend!
Here are some links to follow Kelly on Social Media and any projects she is currently working on

Actress Kelly Rutherford

George Brown

George has been a friend for 40 years and he has been a very generous and caring friend and I encourage you to follow him on Social Media and his music production studio Astana Music

Here are some links to follow George

Cool and the gang George Brown

Athina Krikeli

Athina Krikelihas been a wonderful friend over the last 15 years and has helped on may, many projects for me over those years. She is a Journalist for Ellopia Press and would encourage you to follow her career and news articles.

Here are some of her most current projects

Journalist Athina Krikeli

St Jude Children's Cancer Research

A wonderful Organization who helps children's Cancer Research.

Saint Jude Children Cancer Research

United World Muay Thai Association©

My family and I have been part of this organization since 2008. They are a wonderful Non-Profit who has helped the Martial Arts communities starting in 1993 Los Angeles, California.


United World Muay Thai Association Logo©

World Blackbelt Association©

Another Non-Profit I'm associated with. They started the first Youth Charity for NO Bullying Campaigns for After School and Social Media Bulling to be put to an end.
They also started the first woman self defense community seminars free of charge to all, its called LadySafe© and they host Woman self defense classes around their local communities to help prevent harm to girls and Women everywhere.

World Blackbelt Association