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"Having the gift of foresight is your heritage and birthright, its not only the privilege of the chosen few; it is a function of your own Psyche, so therefore you are psychic. It is a talent possessed by all in various degrees; and some are more talented than others, and as all other talents, this too can be developed. Psychic energy is not just predicting the future and getting in touch with it, will help you create your future"

“We Have Everything We Need Within us to Create our Own Reality” - Maria Papapetros

Maria Papapetros is a world renowned Intuitive Consultant who travels the world to hold and attend workshops and seminars. She possesses an uncanny ability to see into the inner and higher realms of each of us. MysticMag has the absolute pleasure of finding out more.

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Maria Papapetros

Maria, in your experience of being a Professional Seer, what are the most insightful lessons you have learned?

First and foremost, I have learned the art of demystifying metaphysics. When it was pointed out to me for the first time that I was psychic, I was asked to feature on programmes and make predictions that would leave people speechless…Often I would be asked questions of a simple nature such as why I was blessed with psychic abilities for example. My answer would always be that I felt no different to anyone else - we are all psychic. ‘Psyche’ in Greek means soul, therefore if you have a psyche, you are psychic.

What can you tell us about your Psychic Development workshops? 

I host workshops for Psychic Development. In three hours I can teach people how to read psychically in detail as well as I do, or even better. My workshops are inexpensive as this is my gift to the world. If we all used more of what we already have, we would be dynamite.
I use psychometry in the class which is picking up vibrations from an object. I encourage my students to have faith in themselves and to speak their minds. It is incredible to see how they gain confidence and skill within just three hours. By demystifying the whole process, we are all able to access our talent and psychic ability, albeit that some are more talented than others. The same applies for any given skill that one chooses to develop.  

What is your definition of reaching one’s ‘potential’ in this world we live in?

Again, I come back to exploring our talents and tapping into what we want to achieve. The gifts are there, we simply need to create our own reality. If something interests you and it doesn’t come to you as naturally as it may come to the person next to you, you simply need to work a little harder. There is no secret or mystical solution. This is what living up to one’s potential is all about.

What can one generally expect from a consultation with you?

I will give the person the choices as I see them. Usually there is a choice and I will give my client the best option available. I am a big believer in recommending my clients visit a therapist or to do some kind of counseling so as to explain themselves. We inherit so much from our parents and our environment that we are far too often unaware of. We keep repeating the same patterns because we don’t go within to understand and acknowledge past wrongs. We stop growing. I am a major advocate of going within and exploring one’s talents - I can’t say it enough.

What role does meditation play in your practice, for both you and your clients?

What role does prayer have in your life? Every word and every thought is a prayer. The subconscious knows not between right or wrong nor does it have a sense of humor. We create our reality for the most part so it is vital to project and visualize positivity in every aspect of our lives. Please check out my YouTube videos of meditation with Vanessa Williams.

If you could turn back the clock would you have lived your life differently?

Absolutely not! I would do the same thing over and over again - however many lifetimes I may have. 



Maria Papapetros is not a fatalist and therefore believes that not everything in life is predestined.
Her philosophy is that God does have an agenda and a plan for all of us, with free will and choice attached to it. There is unlimited source of God power within all of us.

Once tapped and realized it can help us find the choices we have to the paths of our life’s purpose. We do have alternatives.

Maria is an advocate of positive thinking and the power of the word and thought. “Words and thoughts create choose the best ones, you possess the power it takes to help create your reality, believe and observe miracles materialize in your life,

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Mercury in Retrograde

Explaining and understanding Mercury in retrograde

Posted Tuesday, March 16, 2010
 When Mercury is retrograde, everyone’s thinking is more introspective; we tend to think about issues and concerns that relate to the sign involved.

With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, people with this sign prominent in their charts will be especially prone to such introspection. Taurus is a Fixed Sign, so the other Fixed Signs, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, will also receive a touch of the lash!

Mercury turns retro on April 18 at 12°37′ Taurus, amidst a welter of planetary aspects, the most notable being the stressful square to Mars, which is certainly aggravating and has been since April 4. This aspect will be particularly strong on the 25th and 26th of April when trying to get things done is frustrating.

Incorrect information or directions may cause you to be too early or too late. The wretched car may break down, or transportation delays trash your travel schedule.

Buying a car or other equipment may be beset by snags. Others may say things or use methods that provoke you. Avoid any rash behavior and make sure you understand all information you receive. You are likely to be more competitive or aggressive, which can help you accomplish more.

Protect yourself against airborne colds and fever and take extra precautions when overseeing electrical equipment and volatile materials.

One aspect on this day tending to moderate the difficulties is a nice sextile between the two benefices, Venus and Jupiter. Venus is in her own sign, Taurus, which is favorable, especially as Mercury is there too, and Jupiter is in his own sign, so the benefits of the aspect are strengthened. It brings social opportunities, especially in the arts, theatre, and publishing.

It might bring good luck, but the impending square from the Moon to Jupiter later in the day suggests that the good fortune it brings, may be overstated, seeming better than it really is.

Still, if you are careful and act quickly, you might strike it lucky. I should point out that Venus is in charge of Mercury during this phase, so matters connected with fashion, money, greed, feasting, love, sex, and sensuality will be the flavor of the month.

This said, and notwithstanding the nice aspect to Jupiter, Venus is conjunct the decidedly malefic fixed star. The conjunction reaches full force on April 22, so expect a wild time.

This unfortunate star is a pulsing binary known for its passionate, intense, and even hysterical tendencies. Always a signal that there is something deeper at work. Female sexuality runs rampant, and it is also associated with extreme creativity, an expression of the Dark Side…
However, as Venus is applying the auspicious trine aspect to Saturn, it marks a suitable time to work towards long-term success and to form substantial, long-lasting relationships based on mutual commitment and respect.

The power of womankind, thanks to Algol, is magnified and yet stabilized. This aspect is at its peak on the 24th and 25th of April, so it is surrounded by quite a bit of noise and martial clamor, thanks to the Mercury/Mars square on the same weekend.

This reinforces the need to tread warily and be sure to pay attention to the details.
Since we are talking of Saturn, we need to pay attention to the opposition between Saturn and Jupiter, which is stimulated during this phase and magnified by Saturn’s unfortunate opposition to Uranus. Jupiter is applying to the conjunction with Uranus in Pisces, which is active during this phase, but actually hits harder during the latter half of the year.

Jupiter and Saturn are known to astrologers as the Great Corroborators or Time Lords, and their interaction marks tremendous changes in society and in personal lives.

The presence of Uranus suggests that even greater societal developments will be stimulated by this opposition, with unfortunate legislation and the collapse of structures, as indeed we have seen in recent times.

These will come forward again with a vengeance as Saturn makes his final pass-through Virgo over the coming months.

Responsibilities, restrictions, rules, and regulations will be in direct conflict with freedom, and this situation is apt to be a key factor in blocking your progress, happiness, success, or whatever else you are after, especially if you were born in the years 1949, 1950 and 1951 or in 1978, 1979, or 1980. Resist the promise of something new and hang on to what you have, at least for the time being.

It is important to realize that you will not be able to remove the forces that oppose you, which only leaves the option of finding a constructive way to work around them or with them.

Mercury turns retrograde conjunct the Fixed Star Achird, a binary star, orange, and violet, in the girdle of Cassiopeia, the Ethiopian the mother of Andromeda.

It is said she not only boasted that of Andromeda but she herself was fairer than the Nereids, and for that reason, she was bound to her chair and condemned to circle the pole head downwards as a lesson in humility.

According to Ptolemy, this constellation is of the nature of Saturn and Venus. It is written to give haughtiness, boastfulness, and exaggerated pride, but at the same time, the power of commanding respect. It is associated by the Cabalists with the Hebrew letter Beth and the 2nd Tarot Trump, The High Priestess.

Mercury retro in Taurus, a Venus-ruled sign, is sometimes indicative of stuttering, hoarseness, and other vocal disorders, as you would expect. However, symptoms of deafness, asthma, and bronchitis; foot pains; arrhythmia; muscle tics, and tremors can also arise.

Taurus is practical and determined, pleasant, fond of the other sex, art, and all intellectual and refined amusements, and Mercury here does not usually jump to conclusions or easily accept the latest ideas.

The mind is slow to reason, but once a conclusion is reached, it does not easily change; hence the retro phase can see stubborn errors with long-term consequences. Stick to practical applications, as flights of imagination are not well-favored.

The obstinacy and stubbornness of the Bull have marked characteristics of this phase and apply particularly to communication, travel, sales, academia, and all mental pursuits. A powerful desire for money and a fixed income may divert our attention from what is really happening.

This position can indicate hoarseness and laryngitis from nervousness and talking for too long. Drink adequate amounts of water to offset hoarseness and proneness to asthma and bronchitis. Apple juice, buckwheat, oats, and wheatgrass juice may offset the negatives.

Other fixed stars are activated too, by the Mercury and Venus passage through Taurus and by the square from Mars. These are likely to see an escalation in military conflict, especially by the West against Muslim forces—and not to the benefit of the Muslims.

Let us hope that the fixed ideas threatened by Mercury retro in Taurus do not become so entrenched that they extend the conflicts and generate a more useless loss of life.

All areas of communication are affected by this phase, especially in matters connected with security, structured thinking, the exposition of traditional ideas and conservative methods; women’s rights and obligations and their role in society; sensual delights, displays of wealth, sexual pleasures, and communications connected with such matters.

This period brings travel snafus, mail mishaps, and missed appointments of all kinds. Documents can go astray. Be sure to carry a diary and refer to it often.

Article By Maria Papapetros

Written July 2009:

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World renown psychic Maria Papapetros has been is a central force in the realm of the metaphysical community for over forty years and believes we are ALL psychic, every single one of us. Being psychic is a talent and as all other talents this too can be developed.

Her quest in life is to help demystify metaphysics by removing the cloak of exclusivity that only a “chosen few” possess this ability.
She believes there is unlimited unrealized power within all of us. Part of her mission in life is to help others realize their own potential, and discover their intuitive and spiritual gifts, use them for everyday living and get more mileage out of life.