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Psychic Maria Papapetros

I received my first psychic reading when I was in my mid twenties. I had visited a wonderful intuitive reader in Los Angeles, and had the most profound experience.

I was flying high till she started talking about my own psychic and healing abilities with gusto. As that had left me unresponsive, she insisted “You are amazingly psychic,” she concluded, and to this day I remember my response: “Isn’t everybody?”.
That day my life was changed forever; I contemplated and meditated on her words till I began relating to them, however becoming a professional Seer per her persistence was out of the question.

It took couple of years for the seed she had planted in my mind to grow, till cosmic synchronicity tore down my resistance and I began practicing in March of 1974.

Maria Papapetros is not a fatalist and therefore believes that not everything in life is predestined. Her philosophy is that God does have an agenda and a plan for all of us, with free will and choice attached to it. There is unlimited source of God power within all of us. Once tapped and realized it can help us find the choices we have to the paths of our life’s purpose. We do have alternatives.

Maria is an advocate of positive thinking and the power of the word and thought. “Words and thoughts create choose the best ones, you possess the power it takes to help create your reality, believe and observe miracles materialize in your life,

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Maria Papapetros

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World renown psychic Maria Papapetros has been is a central force in the realm of the metaphysical community for over forty years and believes we are ALL psychic, every single one of us. Being psychic is a talent and as all other talents this too can be developed.

Her quest in life is to help demystify metaphysics by removing the cloak of exclusivity that only a “chosen few” possess this ability.
She believes there is unlimited unrealized power within all of us. Part of her mission in life is to help others realize their own potential, and discover their intuitive and spiritual gifts, use them for everyday living and get more mileage out of life.