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God gives us all pieces of the puzzle of life, one of mine is teaching PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT FOR EVERYDAY LIVING. Create your reality and make it a MASTER PIECE?”


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I received my first psychic reading when I was in my mid twenties. I had visited a wonderful intuitive reader in Los Angeles, and had the most profound intuitive experience of my live till that date.

I loved all her predictions and was flying high till she started talking about my own psychic and healing abilities with gusto. As that had left me unresponsive, she started repeating herself till I asked her to define that for me. She did. “You are amazingly psychic,” she had concluded, and to this day I remember my response: “Isn’t everybody?”.

That day my life was changed forever; I contemplated and meditated on her words till I began relating to them, however becoming a professional Seer per her persistence was out of the question. It took couple of years for the seed she had planted in my mind to grow, till cosmic synchronicity tore down my resistance and I began practicing in March of 1974.

Traveling the psychic path it has been an incredible journey, an endless stay in wonderland. It has given me the awareness of the multitude of miracles I experience daily and the arts of appreciation and gratitude.

I have learned how to pace myself, enjoying every step, live it fully and detach of the anxiety of arriving to a destination. With intuition being my guide I have been able to go through challenging situations and stoically ask; what is this telling me? What is the lesson here? Now as I look back at adversities instead of “why me” I relish in “look what I have overcome.”

Having the gift of foresight is your heritage and birthright, it’s not only the privilege of the chosen few; it is a function of your own Psyche, so therefore you are psychic. It is a talent possessed by all in various degrees; and some are more talented than others, and as all other talents this too can be developed. Psychic energy is not just predicting the future. Getting in touch with it will help you create your future.

Maria Papapetros

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